RE-CENTER RACE AND EQUITY IN EDUCATION (REC)Senior Director of Race and Equity Programs                                       

About the organization: RE-Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to building equitable environments for K-12th grade students in Connecticut and across the country. We provide anti-racist workshops and professional development services to teachers, school officials, and district leadership to help them identify inequities in their environments and co-create solutions that center the voices and experiences of students who are being the most impacted. We also work outside of the education system providing racial equity frameworks and training to public and private organizations across systems (housing, health, philanthropy, etc). 

Works with program team to develop and implement anti-racist professional development workshops for a variety of audiences and participants in the education system across the country. Focuses on systemic change and how to develop and implement racial equity frameworks across different fields and platforms.

  • Designed and developed database and internal processes to streamline workflow and increase efficacy.
  • Increased E.D.I.fy program (Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion for you) annual gross revenue by 86% over last fiscal year. Exceeded projected goals by 17%. 
  • Manages and negotiates contracts with local, state, and national partners. 
  • Developed new tools and adapted processes to co-create culture of accountability. 
  • Co-facilitates racial equity workshops for a variety of audiences across sectors.

Here are some of the things we have done: 

  1. Equity Informed School Climate Assessment
  2. Equity Teams for Positive School Change 

NATIONAL FAIR HOUSING ALLIANCE (NFHA)Associate Director of Enforcement and Investigations                           

 About the organization: NFHA is a national leader in the fair housing movement and works to end housing discrimination and to ensure equal housing opportunity for all people through leadership, education and outreach, membership services, public policy initiatives, community development, advocacy and enforcement.

Worked with enforcement team to develop innovative testing methodologies and to implement cutting-edge investigations into institutionalized, data-driven policies and housing practices that perpetuate residential segregation and limit or deny access to housing, home loans, or insurance to everyone protected under the Fair Housing Act. Promoted Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing on a national and local level through targeted advocacy efforts that included enforcement and education.

  • Developed and implemented innovative investigation techniques for digital platforms; met with U.S. Department of Justice to brief them on digital investigation techniques.
  • Trained investigators in best practices for fair housing testing.
  • Presented at local and national conferences on racial inequities and disparities in housing.
  • Led and/or participated in developing other classified civil rights investigations.

Here are some of the things we have done: 

  1. NFHA Settles Lawsuit with Facebook: Transform's Ad Platform Impacting Millions of Users
  2. NFHA National Conference

CONNECTICUT FAIR HOUSING CENTER (CFHC), Community Outreach & Education Coordinator/ Senior Fair Housing Specialist                                                                    

 About the organization: The Connecticut Fair Housing Center is a nonprofit law-firm working across the state to ensure that all people have equal access to housing opportunities, free from discrimination. Because housing discrimination disproportionately affects people with low incomes, the Center focuses on the intersection of poverty and housing discrimination. The Center also assists Connecticut homeowners who have been hit the hardest by the nation's ongoing foreclosure crisis.

Responsible for managing a range of short and long-term fair housing projects and organizing community-based legal education workshops that trained and empowered thousands of residents to assert their fair housing rights. Implemented initiatives that ensured the work of the organization remained responsive to the fair housing and fair lending concerns of target communities.

  • Conceptualized and co-created Moving Forward Guides  and, through partnerships with statewide public and private organizations, delivered thousands of copies to CT residents.
  • Developed, co-created, and implemented Fair Housing Tour of Hartford. This tour trained dozens of non-profit leaders and elected officials on the impacts of housing discrimination in our neighborhoods. 
  • Created and delivered dozens of specialized workshops with multiple partners on various fair housing topics to hundreds of participants across the state of Connecticut 

Here are some of the things we have done: 

  1. Moving Forward: CT Renters' Guide
  2. Moving Forward: CT Homebuyers' Guide
  3. Fair Housing Tour of Hartford 

FIDUCIARY REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT INC (FRED), Property Manager                                                         

About the organization: FRED Inc. develops and manages residential communities across Wisconsin that provide a distinct living experience through enthusiastic service and dynamic teamwork.  

Oversaw day-to-day operations of the property to meet established operating budget and financial goals of ownership. Worked with property team to create and foster a sense of community for all residents in our property. 

  • Continually met and exceeded occupancy goals, maintaining it at 97% occupancy throughout term of employment.
  • Led team towards a common goal.
  • Successfully established and maintained a million-dollar operating budget, ending each fiscalyear under budget.
  • Introduced and implemented new systems and processes, including higher quality control standards on new turnover units, and a new and efficient digital organization system.

Here are some of the communities in my portfolio:


10,000 HOURS SHOW (Madison Chapter)Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director  (Madison Chapter)

About the organization: The 10,000 Hours Show originated in Central Iowa University and branched out to Madison, WI. This organization promoted long-term civic engagement from young folks with the aim of establishing a life-long commitment to serving and bettering our communities. Here is how it worked: individuals who volunteered 10 hours or more for local nonprofits and registered their hours through the local United Way andearned a free ticket to a rock concert. 10K has since dissolved and it's mission has been absorbed by Student United Way. 

Established a collaborative effort between Edgewood College, United Way of Dane County, and University of Wisconsin-Madison to begin a chapter of this nonprofit organization in Dane County. 

  • Co-led a team of over 75 college students in outreach, fundraising, planning/logistics, and production management. 
  • Oversaw partnership strategy between Edgewood College, United Way of Dane County, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. 
  • Engaged and registered 1,276 volunteers who collectively volunteered 12,355 hours. 

AIDS CONNECTICUT, Vice Chair of Board of Directors & Finance Committee Member 

About the organization: ACT, with its partners, increases Connecticut's capacity to ensure that all people impacted by HIV/AIDS and related health issues have access to health, housing, and support services. ACT builds sustainable, accessible, and high quality systems and services to eliminate health disparities for people impacted by HIV/AIDS. 

Works with members of the board of directors to steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure the organization has adequate resources to advance its mission. 

  • Former committees:
    • Chair of the Nominations Committee
    • Governance Committee Member 

AFFORDABLE HOUSING ALLIANCE (CT)Member of Board of Directors & Chair of Nominations Committee

About the organization: AHA, formerly the CT Housing Coalition, is a non-profit organization leading the housing industry in growing affordable and equitable communities across Connecticut. 

Works with members of the board of directors to steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure the organization has adequate resources to advance its mission.

Recently participated in a major organizational restructuring that resulted in  a shift in our mission and vision, organizational re-branding, and a new strategic plan.